CASE STUDY 1: Small Business

A1 Mobile

• Health and Safety Review
• Update Policy Documents
• Update of Risk Assessments
• COSHH Assessments
• Annual Workplace Audit

A1 Mobile Ltd. provides high-quality sanitation facilities to the event and construction industries.

The work they carry out regularly involves manual handling, using plant machinery, using and working around vehicles, as well as dealing with chemicals and hazardous waste.

Do It Safely was initially asked to review their current health and safety documents such as policies and risk assessments. We did this, but also updated their policy and worked with them and their staff to update and expand on their risk assessments. This included COSHH assessments on the chemicals and hazardous waste that the team are required to deal with.

One of the benefits of involving A1 Mobile’s staff in the health and safety process was that they became more engaged and were more aware of the risks involved. They also had a better understanding of why particular health and safety measures are put in place to protect them.

As a result, there was a positive increase in the overall safety culture of the company.

This is a fantastic example of why it is essential to involve your staff in the risk assessment process. They are often the ones who are most involved in the physical side of a business, and so they must have an input in the way they work.

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Chris Burke
Chris Burke

Chris has helped both local and national businesses with his expert professional health and safety advice. Whether you are looking for support with a one-off project, or ongoing retained cover, we are here to guide you.

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